VM20 Staggered Monoblock l BMW M6

Because a great looking ride is not that great with stock wheels, and a wheel can change the whole perspective, like this

Vellano VM20 Staggered 20″ Front 21″ Rear Lightweight One Piece Monoblock,

custom cut and finished, each of them are cut specifically to fit your vehicle.

BMW M6 BMW_M6_VM20_22_M_01 BMW_M6_VM20_22_M_02 BMW_M6_VM20_22_M_03 BMW_M6_VM20_22_M_04 BMW_M6_VM20_22_M_05 BMW_M6_VM20_22_M_06 BMW_M6_VM20_22_M_09 BMW_M6_VM20_22_M_10 BMW_M6_VM20_22_M_11 BMW_M6_VM20_22_M_12

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