Cadillac Escalade l Vellano VKE Concave

Beautiful Cadillac Escalade rolling on a set of

Vellano VKE 26″ Concave

Luxury and Comfort without sacrificing a great look, stylish and above all with Class. 
perfect combination between a luxury SUV and Top Quality Custom Wheels.

Let us know what you guys think?


Escalade_VKE_26_C_01 Escalade_VKE_26_C_02 Escalade_VKE_26_C_03 Escalade_VKE_26_C_04 Escalade_VKE_26_C_05 Escalade_VKE_26_C_06 Escalade_VKE_26_C_07 Escalade_VKE_26_C_08 Escalade_VKE_26_C_09 Escalade_VKE_26_C_010 Escalade_VKE_26_C_011 Escalade_VKE_26_C_012

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